Domain Manager

Providing a reliable and stable solution

DNS needs to resolve to be effective. DNS routes the Internet traffic that connects your web presence, e-commerce site, email, or application with your online community. Slow connections, inaccessible web sites and undeliverable email can result in unhappy customers and lost revenue.

2Link's Managed DNS service provides you with a reliable and stable solution which ensures your content is current, e-commerce and application transactions complete, and email is delivered. Changes to your DNS records (hostname, email, and aliases) are made through an easy-to-use interface and are completed within five minutes, not hours or days like other providers.

You also get:

  • Complete control over your DNS records through a highly-intuitive web-based interface
  • The ability to easily move your DNS from your current DNS provider to this service automatically without having to reenter the zone information
  • Under Construction and customizable Domain For Sale web pages
  • Ability to direct other web sites to an existing site with domain forwarding
  • Combine domain forwarding with URL framing so that your visitors see the address you want them to, not the underlying address

2Link offers Managed DNS services at an additional cost. Please contact us at 626.452.8000.

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