FTP Service

Are you tired of sending out large graphic files using FedEx and UPS? We have the solution for you!

If you have ever wanted your own FTP server but found it too expensive, 2Link's FTP service is just what you need. 2Link's own FTP service eliminates the need for technical know-how and excessive data transfer costs. We have various plans to meet your daily needs.

Call us at 626.452.8000 if you have any questions.

Benefits of using 2Link's FTP service:

  • Time savings! Faster than the next day service of all courier. As soon as your files are ready, all you need to do is upload it and within minutes, your customers can download it instantly.
  • Cost savings! With the cost of one courier service, you can get 10 times the result. Why pay more for less?







Cost $120/year $19/month
or $200/year
or $400/year
or $500/year
Users 1 3 5 10
Disk Space 150 MB 500 MB 2 Gig 10 Gig
Bandwidth 2 GigB 5 GigB 10 GigB 50 GigB
Control Panel Yes Yes Yes Yes

Note: $50 setup fee apply to all FTP Service Plans.