SSL Certificate

Get the utmost in security with Digital Web Certificates!

Regardless of how secure you make your hosting environment, any sensitive information traveling over the web can be intercepted - unless you have a digital certificate.

Digital web certificates are electronic files that are used to uniquely identify people and resources over networks such as the Internet. Digital web certificates also enable secure, confidential communication between two parties. As the adoption and use of 128-bit SSL certificates has increased, so has their acceptance as the standard for e-commerce enabled web sites or any site that collects private information from users such as credit card numbers, account numbers or passwords.

When you travel to another country, your passport provides you with a universally accepted means of establishing your identity and gaining access to a protected area. Digital web certificates provide a similar type of identification and access. Web certificates are issued by a trusted third party called a Certification Authority (CA). Similar to the role of the passport office, the role of the CA is to validate the certificate holders' identity and to 'sign' the web certificate so that it cannot be modified, forged or tampered with. Once a CA has signed a certificate, the holder can present this certificate to people, Web sites, and other network resources to prove their identity and establish encrypted, confidential and secure communications.

2Link has now made this level of security available to you!! It's as easy as installing a web certificate that turns on the SSL security capabilities already built into most browsers used today. By doing this, you'll be able to securely communicate with the millions of customers who use the internet worldwide! To help you get started, we've made purchasing your web certificate a simple process!! And it is FAST and RELIABLE!


GeoTrust certificates are faster to acquire. Through streamlined certificate issuance you can receive a real 128-bit Quick SSL certificate in ten minutes or less without compromising certificate strength. True BusinessID certificates are available in two business days. Depending on your certificate choice, your customers benefit from real-time two-factor telephone authentication, domain verification and ChoicePoint registration - an alternative to DUNS identifiers.


We offer GeoTrust certificates. GeoTrust is the safest and fastest growing, second largest Certification Authority worldwide. GeoTrust certificates also come with the GeoTrust site seal and are compatible with 99% of all web browsers. This seal is instant and recognizable proof to your customers that your site is safe. It immediately establishes and confirms encrypted, confidential and secure communications, and will help you develop a strong and trusting relationship with your customers.